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Aug 24, 2017
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Hello! I have an Apollo rfz 125 that I recently purchased brand new. I went through and changed all fluids, spark plug, cleaned carb, and tightened every single freaking bolt. I am having issues with torque, I did a top speed test and I hit like 56-58mph each time. I want to pull wheelies in third gear and still be able to have enough speed to cruise some back roads. I can only pull wheelies in 2nd gear and 1st gear, but first gear is basically not useable. My current sprocket setup is 15/37, I will double check on the rear in the morning. I also drive on trails and such as well as back roads. I'm looking for some tips for sprocket sizes. My friend has a crf100f and we ride all the time, his setup is 14/48. He pulls harder than me in every gear, he can clutch up wheelies in 4th gear(his is a 5 speed), and he tops out speed wise at 46mph every time. I beat him eventually but it takes years and an eternal stretch of road. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

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