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High Performance CDI for Apollo RFZ X18???

Discussion in 'Ask the Tech Masters???' started by Radiatedjay, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Nov 19, 2018
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    South Carolina
    I just bought a brand new Apollo RFZ X18 and I've done a lot of research on things to check/replace before riding. One thing I noticed was that most people that install a Mikuni carb also upgrade their CDI. My issue is that my bike's wiring harness that plugs into the CDI has only 5 wires, 2 in one plug and 3 in a second plug. When I search for 5 pin CDI's, they have only one plug on them. Should I be looking for a 6 pin CDI (same plugs as the one on my bike) and just dont worry about the extra pin? I have not taken the OEM CDI out so I'm not sure if it's a 2x3 (5 pin) or a 2x4 (6 pin). I wont get a chance to check until next week because I'm out of town on business but I'd like to order one before then so it would be waiting on me when I get home. Also, how do I find out if I need an AC or DC fired CDI? Any recommendations on a specific brand or model of CDI?

    Thanks for any help!

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