Just got a Postie! 1981 Honda Ct110 Lifan 124cm

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Mar 17, 2021
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Thanks all and anyone in advance for helping in anyway get some joy from this 1981 ct110 with a Lifan 125 engine I don’t know much about, YET! , and it’s not starting, I hear compression coming out the carbs and it seems super clean, it WAS missing flywheel flange hex nut, SO FLYWHEEL COULDNT EVEN SPIN UNTILL NOW AND I bought a new Yuasa 6v 4a battery with a square loop grounded plastic terminal my bike seems to be missing this terminal and some wires seem to be cut as if I would guess previous owner rigged for non battery start. I put in new spark plugs and now I’m wondering what wires need to be connected to a 4pin square terminal to snap to the new battery I have, I also don’t see a rectifier in here I do see a CDI but no rectifier if that’s needed ? Hmmmm I’ll post pics and vids here in case any assistance can be given and soooooo much appreciated here is a YouTube link I just posted of me checking out the wiring situation in the bike.
1. I’d like to get the back running, see that it works.
2. I ordered the square 4pin battery wire terminals and would love an easier start to currently barely no kick start and have powers to headlight annnd the brake and tail lights I have yet to order.
thanks a bunch and I hope my diagrams are not too scribbled .