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May 9, 2021
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hey all i have a molkt 28mm for my pitsterpro z160 i had a oko 26mm carburetor wich wouldn’t start up with choke and would start without choke easilyish with jets 100 and 36 i wasn’t able to get any jet kits near me for it and it would bog when i’d crack it wide open or give it to much throttle low end pretty much woild pop up firsy and then second and third would just bog down when i’d try and put power through properly. this new molkt i got of ebay $50 bolted on and i went for a ride yesterday started with choke ran for a min or so turned choke of and idled nicely it’s a lot better down low now pops up way better in second and first but crusing along low end revs in any gear it would sort of try and stumble iv slightly mixed with the mixture screw by turning it half a turn out from what it was stock then i tried going half a turn in past stock seemed to feel a bit better and more responsive when turning it half a turn out any suggestions or tips just wanna get her going as good as possible! btw i don’t know the jets in the molkt and when coming to riding and getting upto full throttle in gear it feels like it maybe is just missing some of that punt then again it could be the change from the oko top end to the molkt iv heard there slightly different. also with the throttle cable on the oko i can adjust the slack thing positioned near the throttle and get my slack good. with this molkt i back that all the way of and still almost have like a whole quarter of my 1-8 turn throttle like it almost turns half down before the throttle cable is tight and pulls the slide up? photos should be below


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