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Aug 8, 2016
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Hi everyone,
I have a 2008 Motovert RX 125 with the original Jialing and it’s on it’s last legs soo it’s swap time..
I am looking at doing maybe the ZS 190 or something similar, but have a few questions before going ahead.
What are the requirements to do the transplant, any cutting, fab work, new wiring locations, cable replacements, fitment clearances/measurements etc
It looks like it’s a beefy motor and compared to the 125,trumps it.
I’d just like to know fitment requirements for the frame or if it can be done without too many heavy mods.
It will be just road used as a casual commuter with the occasional squirt here and there
It’s not going to be a track race bike, just something for a bit of fun/ practicality
I’m looking for anyone who’s done this build or similar too

Thank you :)