Motovert Rx headstem bearings (Help needed Please)

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Dec 3, 2016
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Currently working on a Motovert rx125. I need to replace the tapered roller bearings in the head stem and cannot find where to buy any that will fit. The OD is 41mm and ID is 22mm for the top and 24mm for the bottom. The only bearings i could find with a 41mm OD were for a crf50 but there IDs were 22.5mm top and 24mm bottom.

The other thing is i actually bought some gpx black label forks that i was gong to use, hoping the bearings that came with them would work but they are set up for a 44mm OD headtube.

Basically what im wondering is if anyone knows where i could find some bearings thatll fit the stock forks (OD 41mm ID 22mm, top and ID 24mm bottom) OR PREFERABLY some bearings thatll allow me to use the black label forks in the rx frame (OD 41mm, ID 22mm top, ID 23.5 bottom should work)

I have tried a local bearing shop as well as searched ebay and various pitbike websites all with no luck so if anyone has any idea please let me know, i would appreciate it.


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