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Apr 28, 2010
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Newcastle, NSW
Hey guy’s, well MiniP is now a few rides old so what better time than now to do a review on it.
My first ever review, so be kind…please

Please note: any information in this review is purely my beliefs not that of Pitster pro and any pricing is for the sole value of providing an informative thread and nothing else. All pricing mentioned is avail to the public via the internet.

With that out of the way, I’ll get into it ;)
As mentioned, the bike in question is the Pitster Pro XJR SS50. With a rrp of AUD$699 it’s a pretty cheap way to get into the 50 scene and for me having a young family is what I was after.

It was packaged really well and secure, so once I removed it from the box and internal frame I was more than confident there was no damage from shipping. And I was right, not even and rub marks.

I took my time assembling this as a) I wanted to make sure it was done right and b) I had a sick bub at the time which slowed me down. Having said this I think it could be easily assembled without rushing or taking shortcuts in about 2hrs. This includes removing and loctiting key nuts and bolts, not just tightening everything up.

My assembly was a little different to most as I had a few goodies to add to it, so some parts had to be removed and re assembled. In stock form the bike looks ok, definitely good for a beginner although in stock form it has quite a bit of weight behind it. The specs state 110lb’s which is around 49-50kg’s which I reckon is about on the money.
I completely removed electric start and all associated parts and wiring, dropping roughly 4kgs (according to our kitchen scales lol) from the overall weight, the bars were replaced with pro tapers, which were also slightly less weight than the std steel bars.
I also removed the plastic chain guard, the std exhaust was fairly average with header pipe and can being one pce, not separate like most exhaust’s. Although as mentioned, would be more than suitable for a beginner/new rider.

I added a 70cc bore kit and big valve E22 head to suit along with a decent coil and NGK plug before I took it out (none of which were nessesary apart from plug)
Also valve clearances and timing were checked/set prior to riding.

The first ride was a little underwhelming, not what I had hoped at all but I persisted with it and gave it a good run in, nothing to hard or anything more than roll over jumps, just an easy arvo of up and down the gears to make sure it bed in well.
Second ride is when the bike came to life. Was much better to ride, much more responsive and I was a bit more rev happier, which it liked.

The std front forks, are basic but do the job well enough, I cant comment on the rear shock as I replaced it with a Fastace but I can guarantee the std china shock would def not have been good for any one over about 40-50kg’s. My choice was the fast ace BS 22-AR with the std 250lb spring upgraded to a 500lb. 500lb is rated up to 120kg’s so handles my 85ish kg’s fine, a bit stiff but getting better with each ride.

My main issue at the moment is the top clamp and bar riser set up. The risers are a rubber mounted riser that seats over a small rise in the top clamp, making it difficult to change. I have had to tighten them 3 times now and ended up calling it a day yesterday as the again came loose and I think something has cracked (yet to dismantle and inspect) Will update when I can.

Ive also had some issue with the rear brake setup. The pedal, return spring and rod just don’t seem to all line up. Im currently working on this and will come back once I have fixed the problem, I will however I will be putting a handbrake on it very soon.

Now for (what I believe are) the Pros and Cons:

Pros:Great value for the beginner or someone looking to get into 50’s that doesn’t want to spend a lot.
Overall, bike has the Pitster pro quality which is definitely a decent quality and better than your avg china/eBay bike.
CRF50 style, so nearly all parts are interchangeable with the usual aftermarket CRF50 upgrades everyone goes for. And parts are easily sourced, cheap and readily available.
Bike is suitable straight out of the box, with nothing really needed to be done to it apart from usual bike set up.
Graphics look half decent standard, although the graphics are from the US version (XJR90R)and state on the rear fender 90R (90cc)

Cons:Bar clamp/risers set up: I think the rubber mounted risers, while suitable for a younger/ beginner are not to crash hot to a more experienced rider.

Tyres are cheap, again for the younger riders are fine, but I found once I got it too far over in a berm it wanted to wash out really easy. So some new, decent tyres are on there way.
The E-start, while neither a pro nor a con isn’t easily removed if you do not what the e-start option. And does give the bike a fair bit of extra weight.

Gear lever is really flimsy, and kick start lever is not much better.

The exhaust, again neither being a pro nor a con is really restricted and very basic. An upgrade would suit the bike well and for any level of experience.

Overall im happy with the bike, I will be doing a few more mods to it soon to get it up to where I want it, but as mentioned, out of the box is more than suitable for most levels of rider experience.

Specs of the bike in std trim are as follows:

Lifan 50cc Air cooled
Bore and Stroke – 39mm x 41.4mm (mine now 47mm x 41.4mm giving it 71.84ccs)
4 speed with Centrifugal clutch (semi auto)
14/37 gearing std, 420 pitch
Stator/cdi with lighting coil
Re enforced chromoly frame
37” wheel base. 630mm seat height
Conventional telescopic forks, A style swing arm
2.50 x 10 front and rear wheels
Drum brakes front and rear.

If you’re a bit more experienced and want a few upgrades, here is a list of what I have purchased so far.

Pro Taper SE bars rrp $79.00
70cc Bore kit rrp $89.00
E22 big valve head rrp $79.00
Fastace BS-22Ar rrp $95.00
Fastace 500lb spring rrp $39.00
Pitster Pro big bore exhaust rrp $195.00
Billet std turn throttle (eBay $49)
Pro Grip hand grips (motorcycle shop $30)
Kitaco super coil (US$59 Tbolt)
NGK Iridium plug ($21 bike shop)

II also changed the engine oil to Castrol Activ4T before I rode it. Rrp from Super cheap auto is about $11 for 1L

Assembled pic below Note: bike has not got 70kit, throttle etc on in this pic.

You can also read a bit more about the mods I done in my build.

Any questions or feedback throw it up im more than happy to answer.

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Aug 25, 2009
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gold coast
after all the add ons it's the same price as a crf50 which you can race in the stock class. i guess if you don't want to race it and just want more grunt in a small bike then well done.


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Apr 28, 2010
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Newcastle, NSW
after all the add ons it's the same price as a crf50 which you can race in the stock class. i guess if you don't want to race it and just want more grunt in a small bike then well done.

Yeah, very true. I also like to be different hence going the XJR rather than the CRF. And im really just giving you my take on this bike, not a comparison to the Honda CRF50

Also, like any bike you can do the mods over time, im just impatient at times.

I can also race this if i want too in the 10" open class.