Pit Bike Wiring: No spark no matter what I do!

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Sep 10, 2015
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So I've been working on the electric system for a little while and I did have it sparking but after I ran the bike for a short time it stopped working.

Mind your before I fixed the wiring it would not spark at all and was an absolute mess of a job from the previous owner.

Now after that the thing will not spark no matter what I do, I've checked all the connections CDI, magneto, starter coil, spark plug everything is reading with ohms I am getting 35-50V from the Red/BlackWire, 500 Ohms, The Blue/White Wire from the Pluse trigger coil is reading a Voltage but I can read it I have a Analog meter about 300 Ohms, Everything is grounded out properly.

I also have a old Motorized bike CDI to test the magneto and it still sparks but I cannot use it because it's for a 2 stroke and sparks twice as much.

I've even tried a brand new CDI, Ignition Coil and spark plug, all I can think of is the wiring need to be complete replaced.

Other than that every thing seems good if anyone knows what may be the problem I'd love to hear it because I am pulling my hair out trying to get it to spark again.
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Jul 29, 2010
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Ok, your reading's off the stator are too high, too much resistance

The source coil should read around 380 Ohm's (black w/red stripe and green),
the trigger coil should read around 120-130 Ohm's (blue w/white stripe and green)

You'll need to replace the stator

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