pitpro 125E 125cc 2007

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Nov 14, 2006
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hey everone this is the version below the pitpro RR and this is it stock:

engine: 125cc lifan non start in any gear
forks: non usd (conventional) ((gay forks lol))
fuel capacity: 3L
transmission: Manual clutch N1234 gearbox
max speed: dont have a speedo but id say about 80+ depends on rider weight and conditions
seat hight: 750mm
engine start: kick start only
brakes: disc brake front, drum brake rear
plastics and graphics: black crf50 style plastics, pitpro graphics

who this bike is for: anyone who is looking for a cheap bike and a good learning and first bike.

price: i paid 560 and 65 delivery
photo : ill post it up when photobucket works for me lol

this is my bike now
i have put pro tapers, vee rubber rear tyre, dc graphics kit, pro grips in blue, and some other little stuff
photo: ill post a pic when photobucket works for me lol

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