Question from Noob... Apollo 70cc to 110/125?

Discussion in 'Chinese Mini's' started by DukeLaGroue, Mar 30, 2019.

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    I searched but didn't seem to find anything so, here it goes...

    I got my 7y/o son an Apollo DB-25 70cc fully automatic pit bike with electric start. He's been on a track 2 times with it and has REALLY done well. You could tell, his first time out, he had "the feel" and was catching air.

    Now, I wish I had NOT gone the "fully automatic" route (I wanted his first dirt bike to be as "easy" as possible). When we get off the track, he can't pull any hills with the single gear and centrifugal clutch. What I'm wondering is this:

    Can I pull his 70cc motor out and bolt in a new 110 or 125, add a clutch and let him rip? The frame size/seat height is PERFECT for him right now so more power is what I'm after, not necessarily a bigger bike.

    Or, do I sell this one and just buy a used KTM/Yamaha/Husq 85? Even used, the brand names are HIGH priced machines...

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