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Nov 13, 2008
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FOTM Entry Rules and Regulations:

* Entries are open to current MR Members. No entering bikes owned by a mate of a mate of a mate
*Previous winners are not eligible to enter subsequent competitions
*Each entry must be accompanied with a clear description of the bike, and any modifications or upgrades listed
*Each entry must be accompanied by clear pictures of the bike. Dark or over-exposed pics arent the greatest, it doesnt take much to get a clear shot. When inserting pictures DO NOT use the upload button, make sure pictures are able to be linked from a URL
*FOTM Entry threads are purely for entries. Any discussions about the bikes in each competition, can be talked about, flamed or picked apart in the relevant Discussion thread
*General Flaming of entries in the Discussion thread is expected, but personal attacks on entrants will not be tolerated
*If Hillz insists on representing the Mods by entering his bike, he must wash the thing first
*Moderators whilst eligible to enter, are not eligible to win. In the instance of a Moderator winning FOTM, a consolation encouragement award will be voted on by the Mods Group
*Voting will be monitored by the Moderators. Voting with alter-egos and second user accounts will result in the votes being removed or discounted from final voting
*The China Vs Jap war will always rage, and it's healthy for the sport. Keep it clean, keep it to the Discussion thread
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