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Discussion in 'Mini Classifieds' started by logicquests, Feb 17, 2011.

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    not sure if I am out of line here or whether this should be posted somewhere else instead of here. This forum seemed like the logical place for it.

    If it is found to be in the wrong place or deemed to be unnecessary please feel free to send it into digital obscurity.

    In light of recent events i would like to put forward a couple of options for both buyers and sellers to protect themselves against bad transactions.


    It is rarely used now but C.O.D. is still a good option to ensure the item arrives and the buyer only pays for the item when they are notified it is at the post office ready for collection. The only drawback with C.O.D. is the buyer may choose to ignore the notification of their items arrival. If this is the case the item is returned to the seller.

    The post office nearest to the receiver takes delivery of the goods. In order for the post office to release the goods, the receiver must pay all outstanding charges including postage and the C.O.D. fee. Generally between $7.00 & $10.00. The Sale amount of the item is then forwarded to the seller in the form of a money order. Money orders are redeemable for cash at any Australian Post office nationwide.

    For more info on C.O.D. please follow the link.

    Australia Post - Additional parcel services

    Registered Mail.

    Registered mail is a great way for the seller to ensure the goods have been received. It is also a guarantee for the buyer that the goods have actually been shipped. Using registered mail for shipping items should be the norm when shipping anything of value. If someone has bought it, it is something of value. Registered post involves the seller filling in a form, it takes about 30 seconds, paying a fee, under $3.00 from memory and letting their items be carried away knowing they are safe and the buyer will receive them. The receiver must sign for the item before it is released to them. Items will generally be delivered to the sellers home and in the case they are not there the item will then be returned to the local post office and a delivery note left in your mail box. I believe registered mail is a compulsory safety measure for any online trading.

    Seller References

    I think it would be reasonable for a buyer to ask the seller to provide them with a couple of names of members they have either traded with before or know well enough to vouch for them. Ebay has its feedback section for a reason. A quick PM will generally be met with a resounding " trade away, I've bought such and such from this person and it was a really smooth transaction" or " I have been riding with that fool for years, he isnt smart enough to swindle anyone". Due diligence.


    It is always advisable to keep receipts of any payments made whether they be branch transfers or internet transfers. It is pretty easy to scan a receipt and either throw it up in the thread as proof of payment or email it to the seller. It is also advisable to keep any receipts from Australia post for mailing costs etc. including the receipt given for registered mail just in case something does go astray. It would be far better for people to be cursing Aus Post rather than you in the forums and at the end of the day S--t Happens and when it does generally no-one is to blame.



    If you are in the position of selling items and accepting payments from fellow members it would be advisable to log on regularly in case there is a problem with a transaction. Prospective buyers need to be able to ask questions about your items and your items will probably sell faster if these questions are answered quickly. In the event of any delivery issues or issues with the items people have purchased it is also advisable to answer any of their concerns quickly so the buyer feels safe and communication remains open.


    There is nothing worse from a sellers point of view than someone agreeing to purchase an item and then going to Vanuatu for a couple of weeks with no internet , expecting the sale to proceed as per normal when they return. If you want to purchase something ensure the seller is aware of any possible delay as they may be happy to wait until you are ready and able to complete the transaction. Sellers are usually needing to get rid of things for a couple of reasons, money or space. The seller should expect prompt replies and prompt payment otherwise they cannot be expected to hold items indefinitely.

    Both Buyer and Seller

    Just a quick one. Sometimes people fall off ladders, minibikes, horses, mardi gras floats etc. If the person you are dealing with is generally great with communication, give them the benefit of the doubt. At the bottom of the Forum list, right down the bottom, you will find "chat box". Besides sitting at the feet of some of the "great mini riders" of our times and basking in their all knowing words, feel free to ask if anyone has heard from this member. You can also P.M. the Admin and ask if they have logged in recently. Most of the members here have a slight problem with their addiction to both mini bikes and miniriders. They would never leave this site for a couple of hundred dollars.

    At the end of the day. Most sellers and buyers will do the right thing. If you put a few little checks in place to make the process safer and more transparent for both, you will have a much better experience whilst trading on line.

    If this saves even one headache it was worth the time.

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