sisters with a ds80 each, need some help getting them running right

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Nov 21, 2021
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so my girls each picked up a ds 80. they are 11 and 10 years old. thier first bikes.

im the dad, and between the three of us were are going to build a little dirt track on our acreage for some races. we did it with quads last year but this they wanted to learn to ride dirtbikes so off we go.

the bikes are a 1993 and a 1996 ds80.

we are starting on the 93 first.

- it starts fine cold, then wont stay running and wont start when hot. we took carb apart and all jets were clean. possible the choke is sticking?

- exhaust flange bolt hole on head is stripped out. so there is an exhaust leak there. will be helicoiling that today.

would the exhaust leak affect the ability to stay running? ive never worked on a 2 stroke so ive been learning about them and i have to say i really like how simple they are! would the leak in the exhaust affect the tuning of the backpulse required to have a good air fuel mix?

- we dropped the oil, there was definitely a distinct aluminum sheen. is the piston aluminum? or is the most likely block material?

Cheers guys, thnx for any comments and learning you can help my daughters and i with. will get pics uploaded.

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