SSR 170TX Carburator Upgrade

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Oct 14, 2020
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As you can see, I am new here and this is my first post. Hope I have chose the right category to post this. I have a few questions in regards to my SSR 170.

I just picked up a used 2020 ssr 170tx (my first pitbike). At wide open throttle she wants to pop and bark back, so I opened her up a little to give it more fuel which helped a little but my idle is now extremely high in my opinion. So, I have been looking into a kit for an upgraded carb as I have noticed many people do on these bikes. The trouble I am running into is one of two things. The first being that I am not exactly sure what carb kit is correct for my set up or what different options I have? I have done some searching but I want to ensure I am getting the right thing. Does anyone have a part number(s) they could share with me? Second, the bike has a few mods already done, unfortunately I am still waiting on a parts list from the previous owner. At the moment I believe the carb that's on it is a 26mm mikuni (the carb is stamped: 26 672u 56-5 zl 123 y1) which I thought they didn't come stock with? Any help would be great.

Last question: I am considering swapping the fairings. Is it possible to run crf 110 fairings or do I have to go with the klx 110 and can I run the 2020 model plastics? Lastly, does anyone offer gray fairings? I am not having much luck finding them in gray.

I know that is quite a few questions in a quick post, but any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Its good to be a part of the group and I am looking forward to further my knowledge in the mini world.

Thanks in advance and God bless!

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