Stator oil leak- excessive pressure

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May 9, 2020
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Ok I'll start with this pitbike has had the motor changed out. It was given to me with the bike as the old motor was seized. The motor is of unknown origin. Its a Chinese clone. I'm fairly sure its a 110cc and the head on it is a 125cc. Its not marked anywhere on the engine. I tried searching the engine code stamped on it but its only 15 digits
( maybe someone can shed insight on that) and it comes up with 200cc made by Chrysler which I'm sure is completely wrong.
It I replaced the piston,rings, and gaskets when I put on the new head. The engine kicks over easy and starts without a problem but spews oil out of the stator cover. I sealed all the way around the cover with liquid gasket and stopped the leaks on the bottom but now it shoots out the top where the wires go in. Very thick steady stream. I also noticed when I started it after I sealed the cover gas spews from the overflow and breather on the carb( I'm assuming cause of excessive pressure) I blew air into the acc port on the engine and it comes out the area where the stator wires come out so I dont think its blocked.

As a side note that might pertain to my problem when I was changing the oil I noticed there was second plug on the bottom of the engine so I unscrewed it to see what it was and a spring with a piston shot out. The piston had holes in it. I'm assuming that is the oil pressure relief piston and spring, correct me if I'm wrong. I think I put it back in correctly but as it shot out maybe I didnt.

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