Tao Tao DB10 pit bike no spark

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May 27, 2022
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New to forum but have a 50cc GY6 scooter and have experience with Vespa 200s.
I bought a non running pit bike and have not gotten a spark. Didn't have a ignition key and wouldn't turn over when connecting wires. So, I purchased the key ignition switch and solenoid. It now turns over but no spark. I tested ac volts coming out of stator and get 45 volts to red/black wire which I think is weak. When connecting to CDI I first got around 45 volts to ignition coil wire then drops down to 1-2 volts and stays there on future cranking attempts with both the new and old cdi. The stator exciter red/black wire measures 452 ohms and the timing blue/white wire measures 135 ohms. The 1 yellow and 1 white wires measure 1.6-1.7 ohms. Also, the safety switch above the starter button no longer works. Maybe something is blown in cdi's?

Engine is a taiye TZ152FMH.
Thanks for any advice.