There's no free legal riding trail's/park's without hassles.

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Sep 4, 2014
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Where in adelaide metro south can we ride free of charge without grandma and grandpa having a whinge to the police?
And where in that similar sentence can i ride my pit bike, as its no where as loud as a person doing a burnout, whilst my kids are sleeping, right out the front of my house, or doing 80ks up and down the street whilst school kids are on the move home or to school.
Drug nuts ruin it for everyone.
i used to ride up the Happy Valley reservoir, Etsa side, when i was a toddler, and continued to my early 20's until the cops began harrassing me as they were trying to bring in laws called hoon laws.
thanks to aholes like terence webb who promotes hit and runs with his car, me being one of them, and the police never charged him and even witnesse's wouldn't testify.
i had to learn to walk again, i hobble around most days, and pit bikes and motorised push bikes are an easy form and cheap and non costly to maintain.
i never heard of anyone being involved in any accident from a motorised push bike, and it was the only thing that made me happy after my grandmother and grandfather suspiciously died within a week of each other and neither of them knew of each others whereabouts at the time of death!
they were both being heavily medicated by medical drug pushers and so was i.
long story short, riding my bike keeps me focused, but yes the streets are too dangerous for pit bikes as you cannot be seen properly from larger vehicles.
Motorised pushy's are and should be for the road, pit bike's should be allowed on walking trails, as long as they're away from people walking and their dogs.
And taken into individual account when they dig up the ground in dramatic ways like building jumps.
No public liability claims to pit bike riders unless someone else breaks the law upon them, and causes any form of injury or harm!!!!
That is why so many Minibike riders hit the streets.
The laws are killing youths learning understanding, and happiness, causing more props for mental health, jail's, and detention centre's around the globe.
It seems there is a law for them but not for us so to speak.
They can commit crime's, and we can't have anything but punishment.
Dumb ****en people !
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Jul 29, 2010
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South Australia
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There isn't anywhere free to ride in SA

cheers, craig
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