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Oct 15, 2009
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Hi everyone

I'm a newbie to the site but its pretty awesome the amount of info on here. I want to get a PitBike, I will ride it but its more for my 17 year old brother in law. I've been doing a lot of reading and research but there seems to be so much to learn.

I don't want anything to fancy (expensive) but nothing to nasty either. I've looked at the Pitpro 125cc big foot which looks good to me but need advice like should I go for a 140cc instead, is it better to get the bigger wheels etc... I saw other bikes on eXtremeMotos which seem cheaper but don't know what the quality is like. I went to the sponsors websites which have good bikes but probably out of my price range. Probably willing to spend up to 1200-1300 but if I can get a reasonable bike for cheaper then I would.

The bike will be used for just hacking through a bit of bush, nothing like racing or massive jumps just some fun for now until he can afford a much better bike.

If you can help with some advice that would be awesome thanks


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Dec 16, 2008
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DHZ are great people and Ken WILL look after you. His after services is one of the best in the bussiness and his products are far greater then that off eBay (atomik, TDR, Pitpro*).

Hope to see you posting more often :)

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