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May 9, 2009
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Outaouais region, Canada
Hi guys,

I need the following parts to rebuild my YX160 engine this winter, and ofcourse, it's the smallest silliest stuff that's super difficult to source....

So I need some case dowels (assembly pins) for the center cases and I need a part called "Gear box selector arm return pin" it's part #14 on the "Shifting Motivator" schematic.

So here's the thing, ofcourse OOracing.com has these parts but they don't ship to Canada anymore for some stupid reason. So I'm wondering if anyone has any other supplier links or perhaps if they're in the UK, they can order from OOracing and then ship to me, I'd cover all costs involved..

here are the links to the parts on OOracing.com

Gear box selector arm return pin

Crank case dowels.

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