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I have an issue I have done a engine rebuild on a lifan 140cc engine but after finishing it all I noticed when I pull the clutch lever it is just hard no give whatso ever anyone have any ideas on wh could be causing this
I’m having problems starting my ducar 125. Could anyone help me out at all? I have new Wiring, a new carby have spark. Any ?Suggestions on why it isn’t starting
Hello, I'm new to the site and hope to get the rite info.
I've been given a Ducar 125cc dirt bike for my son, we just can't figure out the correct fuel mix, the previous owner told me 4stroke fuel, tried that but it won't start. I'm thinking 2stroke mix but at what ratio would it run the best?
Hope someone can help, cheers
I don't know but if you will post this out in open forum for all the members and lookers to see you will probably get an answer.
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Hey bro it's jazz from YouTube
Figured you no best I'm looking to do a 4 valve yx motor for my 110 can you get the 4 valve head for yx150 or does it have to be 160? And if not does the bbk for the 150 that takes it to 170 compare to 160/184 kit
Or would just a 4 valve head on a 160 be better than 170 kit on 150