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  1. nicko451

    BBR Midsize 138

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Bbr midsize perimeter frame and swingarm Marzocchi shiver works kit Bbr worked elka shock Honda/Takegawa 138 superhead Genuine mikuni 26mm Needs brake pedal Literally has only been ridden a handfull of times PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: 4,500...
  2. C

    Cheap Engines!!

    Hi mates, Does anyone no where i can get cheap 125 Lifan engines from.:)
  3. W

    Perfomance 125cc Cylinder and Piston Barrel

    Just wondering if this would make much/any differance to the standard ducar, loncin engine, cheers http://cgi.ebay.com.au/BN-125cc-Cylinder-and-Piston-Barrel-for-Performa-Race_W0QQitemZ4636721274QQcategoryZ29705QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem