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  1. Hillz

    picked up a KLX

    got it for a bargain, previous owner says it runs ruff. will check it out over the weekend 2005 KLX110 143cc, FMF pipe & has HD springs
  2. J

    Crf50 2005 carby

    WANTED: crf50 carby off a 2005 and throttle cable CONDITION: used but in good working order PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: let me know what you got LOCATION: Sydney EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: tony 0414579251 or through the forum
  3. 9

    Wtb 05 thumpstar parts

    I am looking for some good deals for my 2005 thumpstar 120cc. I am in need of a left foot peg, clutch lever, and possibly handle bars. I'm not sure of all the models that will fit on my bike so any info will help. So plz message me with the parts and price including shipping. I'm in Jacksonville...