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  1. steve101

    75cc kit for crf

    hey guys just got my 09 and wanted just that little bit more power dont want an 88 kit just want that touch more pull up hills and stuff so has any body had any experience with these kits the kitaco one and would i need clutch springs and with the stock pipe will it still sound like a stocker...
  2. P

    High Comp ? Z50 75cc kitaco kit

    hey gang , i was a little boared today so i put on my kitaco 75cc piston and barrel. ;) marked 49cc. look at the forge !!! mind you that i have put no gaskets and will not stick out as far when fully assembled. im wondering how much comression it will have.
  3. honda50s

    75cc big bore kit

    hello peeps just an update on my bike, i installed the kitaco 75cc big bore kit. it rips a stock 50:D . has loads more talk. not as much as the 88cc limited kits and stuff:( . but it sure makes a difference:) . next up is a uni filter. then a cam, exhaust and maybe a carb. so if you want more...
  4. honda50s

    kitaco 75cc bb kit?

    i want to get a big bore kit in these school holidays and can only afford a kitaco 75cc kit. what are peoples thoughts on these kits? are they powerful? do they go well with a stock honda 13mm carb?