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  1. 20210824_195056.jpg


    anyone know what this bike is?
  2. O

    70cc/90cc best choice under 1g

    I was close to getting the atomik then saw people saying they break easy, I see gmx 70cc from Australia, or the 90cc pitpro towards the pitpro. Are there any better options out there or is the pitpro the way to go? Thanks in advance
  3. GooseMan

    Mighty RV90 Resto

    Just doin a quick recondition of my rv90. I need a rear mud guard, anybody know where I can get one? Hers some pics And a current pic of where its at hanging from my new best freind:beerchug:
  4. M

    Something a little different

    Hey guys my first post here, I have been building custom goped type scooters for quite a few years now and thought this might be the place hang out. I don't think the Goped guys don't know what to think of it but the scooter has many parts that may be familiar on this site. Z50 wheels, Chinese...