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  1. F

    Atomik Blitz 250 2010 model

    Hi guys, I know that the atomik blitz 250 is a cheap Chinese bike but i bought it for my dad to come for casual rides out bush with us (i own a rm 250 97 model) The atomik is running great with no problems. i have been right over the bike and checked everything its now done about 20 hours of...
  2. rivvs

    Atomik blitz help

    Hallo i want to buy a atomik blitz but i dont know were to buy one i live in quebec canada
  3. rivvs

    atomik blitz 2011

    the atomik blitz since in 2008 it 3 year old.was when the next model with a more powerful engine?
  4. Atomik drew

    Blitz 250 perfomance upgrades, help?

    Just got myself one of these blitz 250's and after 5yrs on the kx250f and rmz250, I'm wanting more from this little bad boy. I heard about a few mods to do but need some clarification. The carby jets.. What's best and wher can I get them? Or is ther a whole carby I can swap? The airbox hole...