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  1. P

    CT70 4-speed standard

    I have a CT70 with a 4-speed standard transmission. I would really like to put the 3-speed automatic trans into this bike. is this an easy swap?, What parts will I need exactly please? A parts list that is required would be very nice. Thanx in advance. PS,,,it is actually a CT70H original...
  2. H

    paging Eichkay or any other daytona 150 /ct70 guru

    Hello, I've got a dilema, a good one to have, but a dilema at that. I have a 1970 ct70, I've also got a Daytona 150 2 valve (trex) which I've installed. Mt stator seems to have failed and I need to replace it. I've been reading (so much my heads gonna explode) about the various...
  3. T

    Tozzi's - 1974 [ k3 ] candy topaz orange ct70 + 1969-71 [ k0 ] candy sapphire st70

    Hi everyone I'm Daniel. New to the honda mini-bike scene but not so new to the pit bike scene. I hope to meet some new friends and mini bike fanatics. I'm always looking to help where I can, all your feedback and insight would be great!! Having owned 4 pit bikes 3 in the past and one...
  4. y0 ash-tray!

    Shannons Auction: Z50 and CT70

    Hey guys just browsing what Shannons are auctioning found these two beauties... CT70: Car Insurance Australia - Car Enthusiasts - Classic Car Insurance - Shannons Z50: Car Insurance Australia - Car Enthusiasts - Classic Car Insurance - Shannons and to think i paid $300 for my CT...