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  1. noypi160cc


    Hello all just a suggestion. can everyone add your location on you details? this is easy for every body to know where we are located even just the states.
  2. G

    Budget power upgrades on a 125cc lifan.

    Just wondering will my z155 barrel/head ect bolt stright on? They have 0hrs on them as I bought a bbk as the same time. If not is there any cheap easy mods I can do to my lifan?
  3. T

    Whipper Snipper Bike

    I have recently fixed a whipper snipper engine and would like to attach it to a bike, to make a motorbike to take me around the place. Know any good designs? If so could you include images and details, if no images available please include very detailed answers. It is a homelite engine...