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  1. DHXrider

    FastAce Rear shock for parts!

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Great except for bent push rod PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: make an offer PM me, Pay through paypal for item. REASON FOR SELLING: I don't need it anymore EXTRA INFO: Shock still works but ....the lower rod is sorta bent so it will eventually...
  2. 9

    fastace shock ?

    Fastace BFA01AR Rear Shock Absorber Gas 280 mm Dirt Bike BS35AR | eBay is this shock ok my standard one is stuffed so need a new one dont want to spend heaps
  3. S

    Fastace, marzocchi copy front forks, Daytona adjustable stator kit CHEAP

    ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: 1. Faceace front forks, In good condition fork guard stick have come off from pressure washer. $100 2. Marzocchi Front forks, In good condition $100 3. Daytona 150cc stator, In good conditon $150 REASON FOR SELLING: Need fund for my holiday LOCATION...
  4. sam93

    What forks to buy?

    Hey miniriders, I am currently riding with USD forks from an Atomik Nitrous which are okay but need something more adjustable and better all around. Im only spending around $300 so below is a list that i can choose from, what is the best? pros? cons? Forks: -Marzookie replicas (Duel...
  5. Cash.

    Fastace AS-01 wheel options?

    I was going to buy a set of As-01, i just wanted to know if you can fit a 10" wheel on front with a disk brake kit. Anyone know where i could get one. I just want to stay true to the crf50 and not jump up to 12" wheel size. If you have got pics of your bike with 10" wheels and disk brakes...