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  1. Blender

    Hitting the jumps on a mates kx :D

    hey guys, went to mates property on the weekend, he had a pretty nice track, decent jumps, so i decided to try my luck on the fury, which took them well, but i got a flat tyre, so i hopped on my mates kx125 and held on :D (btw, not sure if this is in the right spot, feel free to move this...
  2. P

    My first day riding a motorbike:) LOVE IT!

    Under here is a part of my first day. I bloody loved every second of it. Please don't bag out on me. It was my first time. And yeah, no brakes, no kick start. (have to roll start it) the rear wheel is dead. I took it off and are having it re-spoked and gonna replace bearings. And seeing as the...