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  1. Y

    Piston rings ?

    First time on this site just need help with my 140 piston rings install need to know what ring goes first the DY ring or the D ring ?
  2. C

    Want to install LED light bar on a 125cc rr PitPro

    Can anyone help me? I want to install one of these 2X 7inch 36W Cree LED Work Light BAR Flood Offroad UTE Reversing Spot 12V 24V | eBay Bit I'm not sure about the electronics. My pitpro has a lighting coil but i get confused at installing a 4 pin regulator to transfer the AC current to DC...
  3. P

    HOW TO: replacing wheel bearings

    i had a quick look and couldnt find any specific thread on wheel bearing replacement i found if you dont have the right technique for this like anything an easy job becomes difficult you only need a few things to do this a couple of different sized flat head screw drivers, a hammer or some...
  4. bra

    front brake??

    hey i was wondering how u put the front brake on? because myn came off as i lost a bolt while riding but i found it again lol but the pads seem to be locked shut so i cant put it over the disk thanks =] yes this may seem very basic but i am a retard when it comes to fixing my bike :o