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  1. ClassicHonda50

    TB Parts KLX110 style V2 Race Head Upgrades

    The following improvements have been made to the KLX110 style V2 Race Head: - Now comes with forged aluminum roller rockers - Bushings rollers have been replaced with a bearing rollers - Intake valve is now stainless EV8 like the exhaust valve Also, there is no price increase on the...
  2. A

    Mini Moto SX - Las Vegas - May 2011

    Hey Guys, I will be at the Mini Moto SX event in Las Vegas 2011 and would love to know who else is coming. Some more info about the event can be found below. Would love to see you there! Mini Moto SX is going to be epic! Cheers, Mitch South Point Arena MiniMotoSX The upcoming 2011 GEICO Mini...