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  1. motorman

    DRZ650 vs KTM's

    Got a laugh out of this one:
  2. Carlts

    What was in your childhood?

    Just an idea I had for a thread, seeing we are from scattered places and of variuos ages, we all must of had different things that kept us entertained through the younger years... I'll start: Who could forget the pokemon cards lol While on the theme, who could forget Pokemon Red:
  3. mad man

    Official "jokes" thread.

    Whats brown and stikey? a STICK. How to drown a blonde- put a mirror at the botom of a pool. Why did the blonde climb over the glass wall? to see whats on the other side. Irish inventions. ______________________________________ PEDAL POWER WHEEL CHAIR. WATER PROOF TEA BAGS. EJECT BUTON ON A...