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  1. G

    ZS155 and Zongshen service manuals

    Hi all, Zongshen promised me 3 months ago they would send a service manual to suit a ZS155 engine. Does anyone have one? Why are they soo hard to get? Surely they make one or are they just decades behind like the Japs were many moons ago? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. rumble

    Anima 150fdx not living up to expectations.

    Have a stock 150 and find it possibly slower than a z160. Looking to get more mid to high power. Currently before it rev limits, the valves start floating, so new valve springs? Carb is an oko 26. Jetted pretty good, happy with how it feels. Have a oko 28 on the z160 so have a bit of...
  3. MadeInChina

    What bike could this be?

    New to this site. Just picked up a chinese 110cc (108 to be exact) I am not sure what make it is. The trans is manual 4 down. I am also wondering what kind of oil it takes? Does anyone know. Thanks in advance for any replies.