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  1. motorman

    WTB: LXR rear brake resevoir

    WANTED: LXR Rear Brake Resevoir CONDITION: Good working condition. PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Name your price. LOCATION: Melbourne. Will pay for postage. EXTRA INFORMATION: My old one is cactus. Seals are gone. Will take 2 at the right price so I have a backup. CONTACT: pm me here or...
  2. R

    Victorian MiniMotard?

    Hey all i have a z50r i was thinking of turning into a motard bike but im just wondering if there is any point are there regular races?, where are they at?. Any info would be great thanks a lot.
  3. crf_j

    MTB riders West Melb

    Hey all Looking for peeps to ride/build with mainly into park/DJ/Freeride PM me if your local :)
  4. ajaay

    melbourne riding areas!

    hey guys me and a mate are all ways keen to go for a ride, only problem is we dont have anywhere to go :( we have only just got into the sport and cant find anywhere to ride our bikes ( i have had my mini for a year or two now and ridden it once, even then i shredded my gear shifter so was...
  5. A

    Where can i ride a pit bike in Melbourne?

    I buying a pitbike but my dad will only agree if i have somewhere to ride it. Where are some tracks and do they allow pit bikes? Im new to the pit bikes so i guess that wouldnt be as good as anybody at the track, are they crowded i dont want to pressured kinda thing.. im a begginer so.. is...