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  1. C

    CRF50: rear brake pedal, HD fork set up or just HD fork springs?

    WANTED: Rear brake pedal for drum brakes HD front fork setup/springs CONDITION: fully functional PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: cheaper than brand new LOCATION: WA EXTRA INFORMATION: just pm me with a photo and price. Thanks CONTACT: PM me
  2. B

    My ciniworx 150

    Well I got this thing for free since it was left here for the past 2 years haha I'm still trying to get some proper before pics but here it is so far I'm still trying to work out the rear break pedal the one I got is for a different frame I think it just won't work Gotta go to work...
  3. Stubsy

    removing dhz outlaw rear brake pedal

    anyone tell me how to remove my dhz outlaw rear brake pedal? does it have a keeper bokt cause I cant see one.
  4. Electrum

    2006 Yamaha YZ85, lost rear brake pedal screw

    Hey my yz85 '06 brake pedal (rear) bolt has came out and now the brake pedal isn't held in place properly and I have no idea where to get a new bolt from? If anyone can tell me what the bolt is called and where to get it from online? PS bolt might possibly mean screw in this context :p
  5. T

    rear brake master fouling on swingarm

    Hey guys. I currently possess a 140cc big wheel that i bought from Foxico. My problem is the way the rear brake system is set up when i press down on the rear brake pedal and it moves the brake piston it hits the swing arm causing the piston to bend (one of the many design flaws of the bike but...
  6. 146cc_outlaw

    provert 167cc

    hey guys iv been looking for a rear brake pedal for a mojo provert and havnt had any luck dose anyone no where to get one iv try the cnc ones on ebay but there different the only thing i can find that looks like it would fit is this one off an orion twin spar frame