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    SA miniriders day....a few riders short but we still had a blast!!!

    Ok just the easiest thing to edit, I think we're all a little tired today! Will be posting up some youtube vids of it once I have enough energy to edit them!!! Hope some others got out for a boot this weekend? Was a little warm and dusty but hey, still a lot of fun!!
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    Yamaha PW50 no spark, ignition ?

    Hi all. I'm having trouble with my peewee again. I got a new copy carbie and then went to start it and nothing , so I pulled the plug and there is no spark. It only recently had a new coil put on and a new plug but the plug has been in there when it was running super rich. I'm not running...
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    PW50 running bad

    Hi all , My peewee is having trouble starting and takes a few kicks when it used to take just one. And when it starts to run, it dies and then you start it up and repeat that a few times and then it runs ok. And when you lift the back wheel up, it revs out and goes good. But when you ride it...