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  1. sam93

    What is it?

    I bought this little beast awhile ago and have no idea what brand it is? I have searched around a fair bit but with no luck yet. I know that motovert had a 3 valve in 2006 but theirs had a twin tube frame with a different swingarm. I once found a pic of a 2005 motovert and it was the exact...
  2. R

    Which way to go Crf50 or 140 china?

    Firstly, im sorry, you guys get this a lot. im just struggling to find the threads with the answers. Im looking for my new hobby. Pitbikes! At first i was looking at the china bikes (pitpro/dhz/pitboss/ mso*who no longer make bikes so im a bit weary of them? I tend to lean to the 140 range...