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  1. F

    my $90 pitty project

  2. 9

    fastace shock ?

    Fastace BFA01AR Rear Shock Absorber Gas 280 mm Dirt Bike BS35AR | eBay is this shock ok my standard one is stuffed so need a new one dont want to spend heaps
  3. A


    hey guys just wondering if this DNM rear shock i bought will fit a standard style swingarm on my completely stock 2012 crf50
  4. 8r3nd0

    Mini Magazine check it out.

  5. Carlts

    Air filter shenanigans - What's your thoughts?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question for you all concerning air filters. Having an OKO 26mm requiring a 48/49mm diameter air filter I opted for the usual Unifilter. But all I can is that my experience has been rubbish with it, I always clean the filter using warm water and washing powder after...