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  1. mason2race

    M2R YX140 ( w/ Molkt carb ) PROBLEMS!!

    Hi mini riders I have got some problems with my brand New pit bike from in the uk. Bike came already built up(PDI) btw! So, first & foremost before first engine start removed the plug out(Denso...btw) was sooty black!! Banged in a fresh NGK cr7hsa plug ..then continued to...
  2. xLOCOx

    hmmmm this fell out of my braaap 140's sump plug

    so i went to start my brand new braaap 140 and i felt a clunk, it was an odd clunk... so i tried to kick it over again and the engine made a squealing noise... so i thought ohh it must be low on oil.. so i decided to dump out the old oil first and this thing fell out of the sump plug... anyone...
  3. DHXrider

    I need a YX160 Piranaha KLX style Head

    WANTED: 160cc PIRANA CYLINDER, CONDITION: NEW, PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Free, *****... ok maybe not free, but cheap... LOCATION:Gatineau Quebec Canada EXTRA INFORMATION: Stripped the FFFFFFFFFF.....holding the frick'n plug threads, got stuck in the bush when my...
  4. Clinton3

    Plug Photos

    Hi Guys, I've got a Dirtmax Dominator 160cc with a bad kick back problem. I have already replaced the starter gears once. I just did my oil and found large amounts of metal stuck to the sump plug. (photos below) I think it is safe to say that these are starter gear teeth. If so, and the bike...
  5. hallzee

    Spark Plug Change

    how often should you change your plug?