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    Help with pet**** tank mount

    got a 2014 apollo abg/adr not sure cause the manual thingy says ADR..anyways it looks like when i turn the pet**** to on (turn to ON for fuel) sometimes i lil will leak out as you can feel and smell it on your fingers.. or if you pull it out hard enough itll seep threw the switch you move to on...
  2. D

    need help about semi-Auto 4 speed pitster pro 50

    Hi guys just got myself a second hand pitster pro 50 4 speed semi auto bike, and its awesome but 2 problems 1. shifting up gears is hard as hell "not like a bike with a clutch" are they suppose to be hard to put in gear 2. When i give the bike acceleration it bogs out it only allows me to...
  3. P

    Problem with my motor!

    Hey, my crappy chinese 49cc motor runs well and idles great but one little problem! When i rev it, it cuts out, what is wrong with it? Please Help!