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  1. fmxcht


    Whats up everyone? Post up your set ups where you ride.. Wether it is a track, ramp or even a milk crate and some ply wood, Show us where you ride… I will post mine later.
  2. LJasonH

    Suspension Setup Tips

    More tweaking to come... so does anyone have any suspension setup tips for an Outlaw 160 (the GPX and Black Label setup). Are the settings for sag, compression and rebound just as they are for a larger bike (I didn't find anything in my searches)?
  3. Cordogs

    Coilover suspension

    Looking at buying some coilovers for the wife's car to lower it down some, just wondering if anyone's brought some and know a lot about them, so to give me some info on what I should be looking for? It's still going to be the family wagon so not after a full race spec setup. Cheers
  4. R

    *OFFICIAL* Atomik Reign Bigfoot owners club

    Here is a place where owners of these little nuggets can get together and share knowledge of these little weapons. If you have one tell us what it is, how much you got it for, how you have it set up, any issues you have found along the way, photos, get the idea!