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  1. B

    Pw50 stalls when warm

    Hey all, ive just got my young fella a 09 pw50, it starts first kick and runs well for a few minutes, after a few minutes it stalls and takes 2 or 3 kicks to start again. Apparently it has been sitting for about 12 months. I'm going to drain the fuel and clean the jets out this weekend, am I...
  2. mudskipper

    Recurring motovert pain

    As some of you may have spotted my Q'n'A threads regarding never ending dramas with my 160.:microwave: After many hours spent reading, adjusting, changing etc.. I got the bike to run mint. Would start first kick and even start first kick after stalling. Over the weekend I was chugging...

    Yx160 wont idle

    hey ib been playing with this for a few days done my clearances..... But i cant get it to idle with the choke off it will idle rough with the choke on but when i turnn the choke offf it will rev up then drop back down backfire/pop and then stallll what can i do i need help!!!!!!! Thank you