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  1. T

    Recommendations for super cheap 50cc dirt bike?

    Hi there, Can anyone recommend a mini dirt bike model for less than £250? It needs to carry an average sized man but it doesnt need to be super fast, it's just a bit of fun. I'm organising a mini race for a friends birthday and so we just need some bikes for one day, doesnt really...
  2. C

    What is Super?
  3. extremepartyboy

    Where can i find a tranny for an sdg 107 speed mini?

    i have looked everywhere and i cant find one part compatable for an sdg 107cc speed mini pit bike, help me out please!
  4. T

    youtube super x

    hey guys this is a video i did of the super x yesterday please subscribe 2011 monster energy super X: first lap - YouTube also check out my telemarketer prank videos thannks