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  1. R

    New member tire selection.

    Can I put 4.8 inch wide tires on my stock 1995 z50r with 8 inch rims
  2. S

    Pitster Pro X2

    Anyone own a Pitster X2 and put a bigger rim on the front or rear? It has 1.4x12 on the front and 1.85x10 on the rear and I'd prefer to have 14" front and a 12" rear. Do I have the clearance?
  3. J

    Street tire ona stock swing arm

    Hello. I've been looking into getting a rear street tire for my crf50. Three inch. A lot of the sites say that there made for after market swing arms only? I wana run one but not a pizza cutter. Was wondering if anybody could help me. thanks....
  4. will_is_silly

    Tire, Tube etc sizes

    Hey guys just wondering what all the numbers and stuff mean on wheels and what my tyre sizes would be. I know that the tyres say 14 3.00 and 12 2.50 but when i was shopping on ebay for tyres they had fractions instead. so any way guys thanks, cyas