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  1. T

    tyre sizes for 12in rims?

    What tyre sizes can I fit on a 12"x3" rim, in terms of road tires.
  2. J

    Street tire ona stock swing arm

    Hello. I've been looking into getting a rear street tire for my crf50. Three inch. A lot of the sites say that there made for after market swing arms only? I wana run one but not a pizza cutter. Was wondering if anybody could help me. thanks....
  3. dynamicgs

    Good Tyres for my 160

    Got a YX160 China bike.. .tyres are done after 3 rides... After a new set, and want to know what is a good, long lasting tyre, and are there any good places to order online? Cant find any Aussie sites with good range or tyre descriptions.... Cheers