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  1. M

    Yx160 valves

    Hi all, I recently adjusted the tappets on my yx 160, 0.003 intake 0.004 exhaust. The valves were fairly tight and I had to loosen them off to achieve these readings. The motor has slightly more compression now which is great but it developed a slight ticking sound from the head/tappers, which I...
  2. B

    CRF50 clone, help needed to get it running !

    Hi all, Im new to the forum, and I need help with my crf50 clone engine. It is a 50cc 4 stroke fully auto. It doesn't have gears or a kickstart, so I am relying on electric start to turn it over. I kinda bypassed some of the electrical, but it gets spark and turns over. I checked for...
  3. S

    Help No Start

    2009 Apollo Extreme 125. New piston and rings. Now will not start. Valve lash set at .003 . Cam gear facing forward at mark and flywheel with piston at top if cylinder flush. Getting gas and spark . What else could it be??????
  4. B

    Valve Gap and Head Torque

    Hey there ive got a 2012 OPBS X pit bike, its Chinese. I took off the head and was wondering how much i need to torque the head down when i put it back on as well as i need to reset the valve gap and i dont know how much to set it for. thanks
  5. J

    PitPro SX 250 engine rattle (valve chatter?)

    Hey guys i need some help figuring out a problem with my bike. It has made this rattle ever since we got the bike. Its getting really annoying and it doesn't sound right. I have linked a video i took of it yesterday. Just looking to see if anyone can offer advice on what i could do, otherwise...
  6. dunny29er

    WANTED:Tappet tool

    Wanted- Tappet tool Condition- new or used Preferred price range- around $10-20 Location- dont care will pay postage Extra information - trying to do the valve clearance on my dpro 140 but if lock nut keeps getting stuck on the screw
  7. C

    YX 160cc valve clearance

    Hi Gurus Wondering if someone could give me the valve clearances on inlet and exhaust valves of a YX160cc. Are there any tips or tricks in this jobs?