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Dec 8, 2023
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Western PA
I have a long history with this brand of mini. My father had a NAPA auto parts store and in the early 70s we sold these. We handled the 50s and 80s. The company went out to business due to copyright infringement with Yamaha and that ended our motorcycle biz. Suzuki offered my dad a dealership which he declined. Later on we both wish he would have taken their offer. We sold off all our bikes and moved on to riding bigger stuff. When my father died in 08 I got nostalgic and searched for these online. I found a couple 80s and a couple 50s and bought them. They have been gathering dust in my garage since then. I am now retired and am going to start to put them together. I will start with the 50s. I will make one as original as possible and as pristine as possible without going overboard. It won't be a show piece but should be close to OEM. The other one will be a RAT rider. I will need to teach my grandson how to ride so I will build a bike that I won't about when he dumps it. I am documenting the rebuild on the Gemini forum. I will post some stuff here too. If you have an Gemini SST or Maverik you might want to check out this forum as well.


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