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Cactus Jack

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  • Hi Cactus, Just wanted to ask a quick question. Is it possible to bore out a 52.5mm 1P52FMI Barrel to suit the 54mm piston? the engine in question has a 14mm Gudgeon. any help would be appreciated?
    hey m8,
    Dreadful said you may be able to help me out identifying my engine.
    i have recently purchased a pw80 that seems to have been home fabricated.
    the engine is a 2stroke 79cc with this marking on both sides.

    also the engine number is P216707.
    i need to identify the engine so i can track down a new gear selector/shaft.
    any help would be muchly appreciated.
    cheers, Dave.
    hey sorry to bother you i notice everybody asks you so sorry if im pissin you off with this but i have just tried my mates coil of his dhz and i still cant get a spark i put his irk in and it started fine he wouldnt let me take it for a ride though cos he didnt want his irk burnt out besides the fore mentioned could it be anything else. my sprk plug is fine.im stumped an dont wanna waste money in the shop if they r just gonna replace the irk an tell me its fine.... anymore ideas jack
    Hi cactus im just about to upload some pics of the timming in my thread could you give me a hand
    your help is much appreciated
    Hey mate I wrote the fleabay article it's on the stands now .... unfortunately I think you may be a bit dissapointed as I was'nt allowed to name and shame anyone in particular so it ended up being a rant or spray at fleabay dealers in general and I doubt there's much for a facts n figures guy like yourself to get your teeth into so sorry mate I think I fell a bit short or at least strayed what was initially intended.

    Still I did have a dig at em , in the end I had to cut the rant in half to fit on the page .... If ya have'nt seen it and want a copy let us know and I'll email it to ya

    hey cactus just a question mate you wouldnt happen to know how long the marzocchi forks of a motovert pro 06 model are?
    thanks mate
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