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Nov 15, 2015
Jul 10, 2005
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Nov 15, 2015
    1. ethansolomon1995
      Hey man do you know if Rx50's are leaner motorcycle license legal?
    2. android90
      Hey mate I'm thinkin of gettin a twin muffler exhaust for my motovert rx , do u know if it will have clearance cos of the battery box , I already know about changing my rear shock .. I got a lifan 150 BTW :)
    3. rich
      hey Da bomb,
      i see you have a ds80, that that pipe looks great, those pegs too. Im trying to fix my mates ds80, he brought it in pieces for $300, he has put most of it together but doesnt know what to do with the wiring. I have rewired a couple 125 4 strokes, i understand the wires for chinas, but i dont know about this ds80.....i have looked on the net but couldnt find what i needed.

      It has 3 wires comming out of the engine
      -yellow with red stripe
      -black with red stripe
      -black with white stripe

      The black with red looks like it goes to the coil.
      The kill switch has 2 wires comming from it
      -Black with white stripe
      -Black with yellow stripe.
      Could you plz tell me what goes to what.....thanks rich
    4. josh193
      ey da bomb, i put a tacho on mi little atomik 50, and it works when i dont have it mounted on tha bike but when i mount it on it doesnt pick up anythin. do u have a salution.
    5. bubsy54
      Hey dude,

      I'm in love with your rx! Looks the absolute business and that number plate is awesome.

      I'm really keen to get an RX, most ppl seem to think that a 50 with a Lifan 140 engine in it is the way to go.

      Want to get it street registered and able to cruise happily at about 90kph on the open road.

      With the 140 engine, would you still recommend changing the sprocket sizes or would slightly bigger wheels do the job.

      I like the motard look, so wouldn't want the wheels to go much bigger than yours. Are they ten inch wheels?

      Once again, love the bike, and look forward to hearing some advice from you.

      All the Best,

    6. Jazdiver
      G'day mate. Can you give me some details on your tyre upgrade on the RX? What size is the rear 120 or 130, tyre brand and model. Standard tyres are shit and are as hard as a rock. Where did you source the tacho from. Great looking bike. Is the rear rim a 2.5 or 2.15. Ta
    7. liljohn_92
      hey mate i was just wondering what carby you ended up running on your 146 engine?
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