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Jul 15, 2015
Sep 8, 2009
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If in doubt......Get the grinder out!!

logicquests was last seen:
Jul 15, 2015
    1. ISEY13
      hey mate not sure if my reply to ya pm went through as computer died in the ass. but my bike is a dirtmax rogue xy150.. i bought it brand new for $1800..
    2. paddy36o
      hey man thanks a mill for the information on the 110cc engine in the 50 frame!
    3. rich
      hey logic
      ive read a few of your posts, was wondering how the bike hunt was going.
      I think the 14/12 combo wheels is would be fine, any bigger and they wouldnt handle well,......The 14/12 bikes feel like a bmx on steriods, anything bigger doesnt handle that well....... im about 6 foot and 70 kgs and i ride a thumpstar with 12/10 tyres, which are a bit small, ive gone through a few tubes on the 10inch rear. i want a 14/12 style for my next bike.
      i think if i was riding with kids id want a small bike too, a bigger bike can flick rocks and hit your kids, oh and it hurts when it gets their shin/knee. and they can ride near you without being intimidated.....or squashed.

      i recon i have more fun racing around with my mate on our lil bike more than the big bikes sometimes, i highly recomend a 14/12 but its up to you realy, hope i had some helpful advice.
      Oh whats that riding spot you mentioned like? im near gosford so its not too far....
    4. muzza24
      hey mate $130 for the lot posted to you let me know if u want it
      cheers muzz
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